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Album of the rebanding, Out of the Blue was recorded and mixed at Studio SVO by Jean Taxis. The four band members are joined on several songs by a singer and cellist Ian-Elfinn Rosiu. Some other contributions, such as their long time friend Stéphane Marchi, already author of "Berlin", and the Joker - Turquoise Fields website creator - come to illuminate this journey in 12 tracks that starts on ancient beaches of Crete and extends up to interplanetary space.


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First real album, Past and Future was originally released on K7 and then reissued in 1990 and self-produced albums in limited distribution, it already shows the wealth of the group's compositions and two great influences which then mark their productions.


Early 1988, the band, then as a trio, V. Le Gallo (guit., voc.), N. Dufaure (bass) & O. Champeau (keyb., voc.) recorded 5 songs, for their first time in a pro 24-track studio.

The producer of the master recordings was a joint venture between Artefact (the band's own label)

and Présage (producer of the "Unreleased" sampler series, who had supported the band since 1986).

A deal was signed for manufacturing and distribution, with New Rose Records (then the French biggest indie label/distributor, today a legend).


In the cold early January 1989, Little Nemo went to Brussels for a 10-days session at Studio Pyramide, a very well equiped 24-track analog studio located in Beersel, a few kms outside the city.


With the help and skills of engineer/producer Luc Tytgat (Neon Judgment, Kat Onoma...), they recorded and mixed 9 new songs. A tenth track, "A Une Passante", previously recorded in an 8-track studio in Lyon (F) in March 1987, that was already featured on the band's first tape "Past & Future" (1987), was added to make a track-list of 10 numbers. This first LP Sounds In The Attic was released on vinyl, under license to Lively Art/New Rose in March 1989.

Later, in 1990, these 10 songs were compiled with the 5 from Private Life EP (1988) to make a 15-tracks CD.


"City Lights" was recorded and mixed in a week-end of autumn 1989 at Studio Pyramide near Brussels.

This non-album track is Olivier's first experience in the use of synth sequencing blended with his bandmates' guitar and bass, to produce a dancefloor-friendly electro-rock tune, revealing a taste for electronics and clubby beats he will confirm in the near future (on another 12"), and even later in his solo works.

The track was remixed by the Belgian studio's wizard Luc Tytgat (with assistant engineer Christian Delvaux) for an extended version.

"Old Age" was also included on B-side on this very rare 12", limited to 1000 copies with printed number, in jan. '90 (Lively Art TP2)

This digital EP comes with another 2 extra tracks : "Seconds v.1990" is a re-recorded version of the '87 song from Past & Future. And last, the super-rare "Razormaid" remix of "City Lights" was tailored in '91 by Joseph Watt, a well-referenced californian producer/DJ, for one of his numerous 2xLP remixes compilations specially cut for DJs.


"Turquoise Fields" was recorded and mixed during winter 1989-90 between Paris and Brussels, in the 2 studios where the band used to work. Considered as L.N.'s iconic LP, it was also the band's best selling reference, soon after it's release in April 1990, under the 3 formats :

11 tracks Vinyl LP (ARTY 22). 15 tracks CD (ARTY 22 CD). 15 tracks Cass (ARTYC 22).


The 4 bonus tracks featured on the original CD & cassette are now available, dispatched on the digital EPs "You Again" & "City Lights", (you'll find both on Bandcamp).

YOU AGAIN (1990) - EP

Premier single de l'album "Turquoise Fields" (mars 1990, arty 22).

During the last weeks of 1989, the band was quiet busy in the studio. The recording sessions of the next album were ran in Studio Val d'Orge near Paris.

"You Again", the first single out from the forthcoming LP, is released in February 90, as a 7" single, You Again / The Fall (arty 21) and 3" mini-CD, You Again / The Fall / Old Age (arty 21cd). The A-side is a typical example of Vincent's skills in the making of immediate, catchy, uptempo pop missiles.


"The Fall" was originally created by Stain Of Sin, Vince's band while he was studying in Lyon, with Olivier Leymarie as singer/songwriter, and on the bass, no than than... Nicolas "Bill" Dufaure. It was also the very first L.N. song to be recorded with a human drummer, thanks to Gildas Debaussart.


"Old Age", another typical Le Gallo piece, in his Satiesque classical piano mood, spoken rather than sung by Olivier, was recorded for the 2nd time in Val d'Orge, the original version had been made on 4-track tape for the "Past & Future" cassette, back in 1987.


"Berlin", original B-side of the "New Flood" 7" (1989, out from Sounds In The Attic) completes this digital EP.


This was the second single out from the "Turquoise Fields" album.


Released in september 1990 on Lively art/New Rose as :

12" (ARTY 30) - Mini-CD (ARTY 30 CD). "Sesordiulfteiuq" was featured on the mini-CD only.

"The 15th" is a tribute/cover song originally written and recorded by WIRE (album "154", Harvest, 1979).

BIO-LOGIC (1991) - EP

This was the very first record to be released on SingleKO Records, the new label created by Lively Art's label manager (who had split from New Rose).


Out in early 1991 under license to Virgin France.

12" (85015) - CD-maxi (35015), both featuring tracks 1 to 4 of the present digital EP.


SPECIAL BONUS (DIGITAL EDITION) - never released before: #5 was the original mix of the title-track, but the label had finally decided not to release it, due to some uncleared sample. 


This is the latest album of the band in its first part career. Originally released on CD and K7 in spring 1992 Single KO / Virgin and including 12 original tracks, this is the only real achievement to 6, with the "new": Yves, Ronan and George.


It was also the only album without a vynile edition. That year, the record industry started to say that the CD would dominate the world, anticipating the end of the vynile era. It can be fun now, for the almighty vynile won the fight! There was no single from the album, but was accompanied by a promotional CD-4 titles including "Railways and Roads" and "Au Milieu Du Ciel" and 2 new tracks "Sostice" and "April Anne ", which are added to the digital edition on Bandcamp.