Little Nemo's next gig :

- 07/05/2022 with Jad Wio and The Disease

Venue : l'International (Paris)


Previous gigs :

- 12/17/2021 with Dageist and Myselfson. 

Venue : Supersonic. More info on Facebook


- 01/15/2022

Venue : Altherax. More info on Facebook.



Formerly in 2019 and 2020, Little Nemo returned to Spain for 2 shows during the European Dark Fest, in Valencia and Barcelona, made a support performance for Christian Death in Paris and played for the first time in Belgium during the W-Festival 2019, in Waregem, on Aug. 17th 2019.


Over 60 bands played this year during this festival, including Killing Joke, The Stranglers, New Model Army, Jimmy Somerville, Human League, Siglo XX, She Wants Revenge ...


A great time indeed ! :)


Little Nemo also performed during the festival Obernoir, on Oct 25th 2019 (venue : l'International).



"Turquoise Fields" vinyl reissue


Celebrating the (almost) 30 years of our LP Turquoise Fields, the US label Deanwell Global Music reissues a vinyl version limited to 500 units !


This LP is available in different colors and includes a brand new inner sleeve, re-designed with the album band members and E. Debaussart.


We hope that you will be pleased to rediscover this LP on vinyl !



Past live shows



02/29/2020 : Barcelona, Spain (European Dark Fest)

02/28/2020 : Valencia, Spain (European Dark Fest)




10/25/2019 : Paris, L'international

08/17/2019 : Warengem, W-Fest 2019 festival

06/13/2019 : Paris, Gibus (supported Christian Death)



12/01/18 : Paris, L'International

Paris, L'alimentari

Paris, Supersonic



Dec 1st : Milan, Kraken Pub

Dec 2nd : Milano, First Floor Club

Dec 3rd : Modena (Vignola), Ribalta



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Little Nemo's latest video is online !


Watch "Starship", from the album Out of the Blue.





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