The story

Little Nemo was born in 1983 with the musical encounter between Olivier Champeau and Vincent Gallo in Paris. The name comes from the comic character by Windsor McCay, from the early 20th century and telling the dream adventures of a little boy in his sleep. This will be the first of a long series of arty references in the history of the group. The duo claimed a psychedelic ancestry, citing influences such as Pink Floyd or Syd Barrett. Their musi,c mixing keyboards (mainly Olivier), beatbox and guitar / bass provided by Vincent was then influenced by the new wave of Cure and Joy Division. and also French Taxi Girl and Marquis de Sade. Little Nemo and their label mates, with those musical references and their choice of English as their main language, are on the edge of the French scene. The idea of ​​naming this music to facilitate media coverage was a matter of chance. The synthesis of the melancholic new wave side and melodies resulted in the term TOUCHING POP, which was soon incorporated in the rock press (Best, Rock'n Folk, Les Inrockuptibles).


Little Nemo released a first self-produced tape, "The Cold Cassette" and a first album, still in this format: "Past and Future" (1986).

The duo became a trio in 1987 with the arrival of bassist Nicolas Dufaure. Together they published their first EP "Private Life", soon followed by a first album "Sounds in the Attic" (1989), which brought them recognition in France and abroad. The New Musical Express magazine chose the single "New Flood" as Single of the Week, a distinction rarely given to French groups.


Several mini-LP were released between 1989 and 1990, and a joint project between the different groups of the Touching Pop "tribe" (Little Nemo / Asylum Party / Mary Goes Round), gathered under the name TeePee. The title "Tribes Are Meeting" will be played by the 3 groups together on stage during a memorable concert at the Elysée Montmartre in 1989.

The Turquoise Fields Tour in 1990, for the release of the album Turquoise Fields, enlarges Little Nemo line-up on stage, for the first time with a drummer (Yves), a second guitarist (George) and a new keyboardist (Ronan). The tour goes through several French towns and Switzerland, and the Bataclan in Paris. The group is also involved in one of the first "Black Sessions" by Bernard Lenoir on French national radio France Inter, with 6 live tracks.


In 1991 a new album "The World Is Flat". written by the new formation, is released under license by Single KO, a division of Virgin Music. The group will perform in various venues and festivals, including Les Eurockéennes in Belfort (1992), playing between the Los Angeles based Fishbone and French indie icon Les Négresses Vertes.


The group then faced some events : the end of the label Single KO and solo carreer plans : Olivier went to Belgium and began other projects in the electro-pop genre as Doctorolive, and Vincent started a solo project, remained as an unreleased album, but gave a few concerts. In 1999, Vincent, Yves and Ronan create a new group with Christophe, their sound engineer on stage during the Turquoise Tour, to create Aqualites, a new band which will produce two albums. A few years later,  Nicolas, LN's former bassist, comes back in Paris and starts to play with Aqualites. The rebanding of Little Nemo is not yet for now but the musicians play again together !


It was in 2007 that the four guys planned to play together and the project became concrete in the following year, encouraged by several fans. Olivier is not part of the adventure but associates with this remote rebanding. The label Infrastition releases LN integral opus in two double CDs, including a remarkable version of "Past and Future", for the first time on CD. This reissue comes with several concerts, including one at the Locomotive in Paris, to celebrate the reuniting, with Babel 17 and also Complot Bronswick. Other concerts are held in Europe in Barcelona (Spain), Rome, Vicenza (Italy), Athens (Greece), Leipzig  (Germany)...


The group then started to work on a new album, released in 2013, almost 20 years after The World is Flat. This album "Out of the Blue" was recorded and mixed once again at Studio Val d'Orge by Jean Taxis, who had previously recorded several LN tracks or albums.


The group performs regularly on stage and still has an international audience, in Europe, the US, Russia, South America and Japan. The story continues ...